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Exercise Referral in the South East - first awards made

Exercise Referral in the South East - first awards made

A brand new, NHS-endorsed accreditation scheme has recognised the best-run exercise referral schemes in the region, and the first three awards under the scheme have been announced.

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UK: Physical activity linked to better mental healthWeb link

The more physical activity someone does, the less likely they are to suffer from poor mental health, according to new research. But illnesses like depression often cause people to lack energy and avoid exercise.



UK: What's the evidence for physical activity?Web link

There is good evidence that taking strenuous exercise regularly reduces blood pressure. We know this from one summary that looked at the results of 54 small studies. The studies included more than 2,000 people altogether.



UK: Exercise may lower teens' risk of type 2 diabetesWeb link

New research shows that teenagers who are moderately active burn more calories and metabolize blood sugar more efficiently than their sedentary peers -- a fact that may protect them from type 2 diabetes.



UK: Credit crunches: The outdoor gyms where you can workout for freeWeb link

The Great Outdoor Gym Company has joined together with local councils to provide 14 free outdoor gyms across the country. Four extra are to open by the end of this month and dozens more are planned for 2009



UK: The 'toxic' Web generation: Children spend six hours a day in front of screensWeb link

Children as young as five are turning their bedrooms into multi-media 'hubs' with TVs, computers, and mobile phones all within easy reach. The trend triggered warnings that the next generation will struggle to compete in the adult world because they lack reading and writing skills.



UK: BHF launches national childrens workshop programme for 2009Web link

As part of the British Heart Foundation's Jump Rope For Heart initiative 3,616 schools in UK are now entitled to the new children's workshops launching this month, encouraging a healthy lifestyle through the delivery of engaging school assemblies and fun skipping workshops.



CANADA: Home diet and play 'more important than PE in helping children lose weight' Web link

A review of 26 studies of different PE programs across Europe, Australia, South America and North America, found that they had little effect on children's weight, or the amount of sport that they played outside of school.



Change 4 Life launches 'How are the Kids?'Web link

February sees the launch of a 5 minute questionnaire which will give personalised advice and action plan to families about making small changes to their lives around food and exercise



UK: Girls play less energetically than boys 'because they prefer to chat'Web link

Even at the age of 10, girls are more likely to stand around gossiping than playing games or sports like their male classmates, the research found. Researchers warn that the trends last a lifetime and could lead to obesity.



UK: Health advice: 50 ways to boost your wellbeingWeb link

Go fly a kite, join a boot camp, take up hula-hooping or even just re-arrange the furniture - getting your mind and body into shape does not have to involve the gym.




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