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Active Kent

Published by Elise Rendall
Kent Sports Development Officer
Kent County Council
Telephone 01622 605038

Key to encouraging people to take up activity and make small changes to become healthier is the use of simple messages, and ensuring appropriate information on activity is available. In order to assist in working towards this, the Active Kent website has been developed.

Our delivery partners are...

The Active Kent initiative was developed and delivered by a multi agency county action planning group in Kent which includes representatives from the Primary Care Trusts, District Council leisure services, local leisure trusts, Kent businesses, Higher Education and Kent County Council's Sport, Leisure & Olympics Service, Public Health Team, Adult Education Service, Library Service, Adult Social Services and Countryside Access Team.


We have funding and support from...


See above.


The project is located in...


Kent and Medway.


The start and finish dates of the project are...

The campaign was launched in May 2009. It is an ongoing project that will continue to develop.



The people helped are...


The campaign has been developed to benefit people of all ages and backgrounds across Kent and Medway.


What they have said is...

Provide a quote from a participant...

We set up the project because...


The Active Kent website and campaign were set up to encourage people to take up activity and make small changes to become healthier.



The difference this project makes is...

The website acts as a portal to signpost people directly to information about physical activity opportunities in their local area. The website also includes tips and information about how to make successful lifestyle changes, for example, healthy eating.

What we did or are doing



The website and associated Active Kent marketing campaign is linked to the national Change4Life promotional work, emphasising swimming, cycling and walking as three key activities, and in terms of colours and imagery in order to ensure the public of Kent instantly recognise and associate the work with the national campaign. The site includes tips and information, not just on becoming more active, but on making successful lifestyle changes that will benefit the people of Kent.


Vinyl and pop up banners, post card sized flyers and posters promoting the website and based on the 4 main messages - walk4life, swim4life, bike4life and change4life - get active have been distributed for use throughout the county via district councils, adult education, libraries, workplaces and to those who have direct contact with adults and families such as health professionals, family liaison officers, community wardens and Gateways.


In addition to the production of promotional materials, a radio advertisement on Invicta Radio ran for 3 weeks promoting the website along with an exercise "battle of the sexes" challenge between the two Breakfast show hosts at the University of Kent, Canterbury.




We chose this method because...


Key to encouraging people to take up activity and make small changes to become healthier is the use of simple messages, and ensuring appropriate information on activity is available.


The Active Kent website has therefore been developed to promote a simple message about getting active, and ensure appropriate information on activity is readily available and easily accessible.


What's happened is...

See above. Further promotion of the website is ongoing via new networks and contacts, for example, Extended Schools Development Managers / Co-ordinators. Active Kent promotional postcards are also being sent out by PCTs with the results letters of the National Child Measurement Programme to pupils in reception year and year 6.

What we'd do differently...

Your learning


We will be evaluating the work by looking at the number of hits to the Active Kent website. Longer term, we are working towards increasing sport and active recreation participation levels, and contributing to reducing overweight and obesity levels.

This project helped to deliver...


The project is linked to the following KCC targets:

- Vision for Kent - Enjoying Life theme

- Kent Agreement 2 - Adult Participation in Sport and Active Recreation (LAA NI8)

- T2010 - Increase opportunities for everyone to take part in regular physical exercise

- Contribute to the improvement in health and well being of the people of Kent


The project is now...

The project is ongoing and will continue to develop.





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Lead Organisation Kent County Council
Geographical Area Kent
Outcomes Improving health, Increasing participation
Beneficiary Age Adults, Antenatal, Children (5-15), Early Years (0-4), Older People (Over 60), Young People (16-25)
Beneficiary Groups General population
Type of activity 2012, Active lifestyles, Cycling, Dance, Exercise referral, Fitness & exercise, Green exercise, Play, Sport, Transport, Urban/rural planning, Walking, Workplace
Primary Theme Physical Activity
Secondary Themes Change4Life Eating for Health Healthy Weight



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